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ResiSense Vape Detector 

ResiSense Vape Detector can work as a stand alone unit or as a part of a WiFi connected Smart detection system.

This is Vape Detection without the costly subscriptions, software licenses or hidden costs.   

The ResiSense Vape Detector can be installed in a home, school, office or commercial building to alert when an incident of vaping occurs

ResiSense vape alarm

What’s included in the solution?

Alerts you when Vaping is occurring to promote a secure, vape-free atmosphere

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Loud, audible vape alarm to deter offenders

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Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring via Smart Device app

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Real-time insights into vaping activities

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Distinctive flashing feature for operational status indication

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Robust, durable build

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Low-cost shipping for all units within Australia

Simple plug and play functionality

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240-volt mains power with 5 hr battery backup for continuous monitoring

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Can be used as a stand alone - non network connected devise 

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Specifically crafted for domestic and commercial settings

Advanced vape detection technology

Easy to use smart app - Grid Connect or Tuya Smart

Low-cost Vape Detection for AUD $349.00 inc gst

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Get to know the ResiSense Vape Detector 

Install in minutes and connect wirelessly

Designed to be installed in all residential, education or commercial settings the ResiSense vape detector is your low cost vaping solution tailored to meet the needs of all environments it is installed in. ResiSense Smart Vape Detector offers a scalable solution with installation that is quick and hassle free.

Sensor positions of ResiSense Vape Detector
Smart Vape Detector
Make well-informed decisions

The ResiSense Vape Detector has a distinct audible alarm that sounds when an incident of vaping occurs. 

You will also be informed when adverse environmental factors like high CO2, high humidity, or other parameters are breached in your school, home or workplace

Integrate seamlessly into your environment

This simple low cost solution Is your go to device that instantly provides you with the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to create a healthy environment for your family, coworkers, tenants or student in your care.

Powered mounting plate for ResiSense Vape Detector

Getting started is easy

tuya download smart device
Vape detector in Vape guard
Vape Detector in Bunnings grid connect
1. Start monitoring
2. Understand
3. Take action
Once you units is installed, use it as a standalone alerting devise or connect via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to Grid connect or Tuya smart device app
Monitor, analyze and react on alerts of vaping uin your space.
Easily optimize your home, school or office with the help of the smart connection app. Tailor and expand the solution to match your needs and challenges.

Asset Protection

Vape Guards protect you Detectors against malicious acts

The most comprehensive indoor air quality monitor in the Airthings for Business solution, including PM, CO2, temperature, humidity, VOCs, noise, and more.


Giving you even more control over your space. Easily create healthy, productive, and energy-efficient indoor environments.

Vape Guard

Want to find the right solution for your building?

Contact us to learn more about monitoring the air quality in your building today.


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