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Space Hub

Always-on remote access to IAQ data
(formerly Hub for Business)

Space Hub is an integral part of the Airthings for Business solution which collects data from in-range sensors and provides real-time access to all the information you need to optimize air quality and energy use in your building.

Connect up to 30 battery-operated devices through Airthings Smartlink.

Additional product information for the Space Hub

Remote access to your Space Plus and Wave Mini for Business sensors

Access to Airthings Business Dashboard and REST API

Long-range wireless connection with Airthings SmartLink

Space hub front air quality monitor.jpg

Live data streaming to the cloud 

Mounting options: freestanding or mounted

LED status indicators: power, cloud and device connection


Always-on remote access with Space Hub which uses a proprietary, long-range, ultra-low-power connection. Can operate with ethernet or cellular connection.

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User manual 

Installation Guide

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Product Sheet


Operational Environment: 4ºC to 40°C

Weight  Space Hub : 258g

Dimensions: < 125 x 125 x 25 mm

Power supply: 100–240 V AC / 50–60Hz

Protocols: Airthings Smartlink

  • Long range (>1km line of sight) and low power

  • Supports 865-870MHz and 902-928MHz

  • Based on IEEE 802.15.4g with FHSS, 50kbps

Frequency band: 868/915 MHz

Airthings Indoor Air Quality Devices

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